Winter Combo! Lidskoye Pivo Follows Its Tradition and Releases New Winter Flavours

In the run-up to the winter season, Lidskoye Pivo JSC has presented new products of this season – LIDSKAYE ZIMOVAYE beer and LIDSKI ZIMNI kvass. The never-before-seen combo will have the trade dress and classic winter flavours to bring joy to you.  

Special LIDSKAYE ZIMOVAYE dark bottom-fermented beer is brewed with orange, cloves, and cinnamon. The sweet flavour and pleasant aroma of this beer create a special winter atmosphere, while natural additives bring out the depth of its flavour. 

And those who choose original non-alcoholic beverages will definitely like the LIDSKI ZIMNI kvass. This kvass is brewed in keeping with the best traditions of the Lida brewery and weaves together the classic flavour of naturally fermented kvass and baked apples. 

"We usually associate winter with a cold snowy night, when we want to wrap ourselves in a big warm blanket, be among our friends and listen to absorbing stories, while snow is falling outside the window", they say in Lidskoye Pivo company. "Therefore, just for such occasions, we have launched a new winter line of beer and kvass, in which the feeling of warmth and coziness is created both through the flavour of the beverages and their trade dress.”

In addition to the well-known deer and the Lida Castle, which indicate the origin of drinks from the nice city of Lida, you can notice cinnamon, cloves and orange on the beer label, and baked apple on the kvass label as attributes of new flavours. The labels of blue colour that rests your eyes and Christmas trees and snow on them as classic winter elements make you delve into the atmosphere of the upcoming holidays. 

LIDSKAYE ZIMOVAYE beer will be sold in shops in stylish 0.5 litre glass bottles and 0.9 litre PET bottles. LIDSKI ZIMNI kvass will be sold in 1.0 and 1.5 litre bottles, which are classic ones. 


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