Lidski zimovy

Lidski zimovy

A new taste of kvass for a new winter

Lidski zimovy - natural fermented kvass with the taste of "Baked Apple". A rich combination of ingredients gives kvass a bright winter flavor and aroma. Expressive notes of baked apple bring you to the atmosphere of New Year holidays and warm meetings with your family.

Ingredients: prepared water, sugar, kvass wort concentrate (rye flour, fermented rye malt, brewing barley malt), acidity regulator.

Packing format - PET 1 l., 1.5 l.

Состав на 100 мл
Energy content, kcal/kJ 100 ml 32
Fat 0 г
Protein 0,3 г
Carbohydrates 6,9 г
Sugar 6,2 г
Salt 0 г
LIDSKI CRAZY CRUSH CRANBERRY Kvass The first unfiltered kvass not only in the Lidski kvass line, but also among Belarusian producers, went on sale in a convenient 1.5-liter package.
LIDSKI Dark Kvass Natural fermentation kvass with the extract of dark rye malt used for baking of rye bread. This component contributes to the creamy taste, rich color and the flavor of roasted bread crust.
LIDSKI Bread Kvass Natural fermentation kvass made of natural ingredients. Distinctive classic taste. Perfect addition to any meal. No preservatives.
Lidski kvass «CRAZY CRUSH ORANGE-MINT» Unfiltered kvass with a refreshing taste of ripe orange and a hint of cool mint.
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