An employee of «Lidskoe Pivo» is our main partner. We trust. We appreciate initiative and responsibility. We don’t doubt professionalism. We welcome the ability to work in the rhythm of the team

Sorry, we don’t hiring right now.

We Provide:

  • Comfortable and safe Labor conditions
  • Work with the use of modern equipment
  • Training programs
  • Competitive salary
  • Social guarantees and benefits package
  • Maximum opens and transparency

How do we find our employees ?

The CV tells us about your job experience, knowledge and skills.

We conduct testing for certain job positions. For example, we check the knowledge of the English language or special software skills, where necessary.

Our recruitment officer will call you to verify some details of the infromation and ask you about your expectations. The officer will give you details of the job position and describe the future steps.

After that we invite you for a personal conversation. We will ask you the questions that will help us know more about your achievements and the way you’ve dealt with professional challenges. It is important for us to understand what exactly are you expecting to get from the new job, and whether our way of thinking is similar. We will tell you about the company and answer all your questions.

The interview with the head of the department is necessary for you to meet your future superior. You will tell us about your previous job experience, and the superior will describe the structure of the department and the potential tasks for the future employee.

If you succeed at all stages, you get a job offer.