Here comes an addition to the “Master’s Collection”. American Cream Ale is out

In September, the “Master’s Collection” series was replenished with American Cream Ale, a pale top-fermented ale of rich golden hue with a caramel flavor and a light fruity aroma typical for ales.

Despite the title, there is no cream in the “Cream Ale”. The beer was named this way for its particularly mild taste.

This is a well-known beer in the USA that has became popular back in the 19th century. Ale appeared as an alternative to the American lager popular at that time. It is made of top yeast at the temperature specific to ales. In addition to traditional ingredients, additives as sugar, corn or pea flour can often be used in preparation of the American Cream Ale.


  • American Cream Ale is pale beer of rich golden hue (17 EBC) of 5.6% strength.
  • Bitterness level is 24 IBU.
  • Packaging is 0.5 L glass bottle.
  • Recommended price is 2.46 BYN.