KALEKCIYA MAISTRA is a craft beer brewed by a Brewer of Lidskoe Pivo since 2014. The prototype of the Lida Brewer is the founder of the company, Nosel Pupko. He was an innovator of his time and traveled a lot to gain experience and bring innovations to his brewery startup. The KALEKCIYA MAISTRA brand is characterized by high professionalism and a desire to constantly amaze us with original new products. The KALEKCIYA MAISTRA offers an affordable, high-quality craft beer for everyone who appreciates originality, creativity, and variety.
KALEKCIYA MAISTRA HOPPY LAGER Pale lager stands out among other representatives of this type of beer with unique characteristics: an original combination of aromatic hops and the use of dry hopping technology.
KALEKCIYA MAISTRA Pshanichnae Light unfiltered beer, which is made using a unique technology of triple fermentation.
KALEKCIYA MAISTRA Pshanichnae Upside Down Can Classic wheat beer produced using the Triple Fermentation technology is already available in an unusual can format.
KALEKCIYA MAISTRA Brugge Evening The beer has a nice smooth taste with rich cherry tones complemented by a caramel sweetness and a slight hop bitterness.
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