The series of collectible and experimental beers. Since 2014, brewers of «Lidskoe pivo» have been creating limited series of beer inspired by brewery culture of different countries.

KALEKCIYA MAISTRA Brugge Evening Beer with a pronounced cherry flavor, combined with the sweetness of caramel and light hop bitterness. Fruit lambic in 2019 returned to the series “Brewer’s Collection”.
KALEKCIYA MAISTRA Pshanichnae Upside Down Can Classic wheat beer produced using the Triple Fermentation technology is already available in an unusual can format.
KALEKCIYA MAISTRA Pshanichnae Light unfiltered beer without cloud emulsions and flavorants.
KALEKCIYA MAISTRA RASPBERRY FIELDS FOREVER RASPBERRY FIELDS FOREVER is a light unfiltered beer with natural raspberry juice, which is brewed using the triple fermentation technology.
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