This section contains the most famous products that were once produced under the brand “Lidski kvass”



Natural fermentation kvass prepared according to a recipe specially developed for the summer season. The original combination of classic kvass, birch sap and lemon adds a soft, refreshing taste to the familiar drink, which means that Lidski Letni will be irreplaceable in hot weather. Produced in 2020  

PET — 1,5 L

Alcohol — 1,2%

LIDSKI Zimovy Kvass


Natural fermentation kvass brewed following a recipe created especially for the winter period. To create an atmosphere of holidays, warmth and comfort, the traditional bread kvass was supplemented with cherry and cinnamon extracts. Like the entire range of Lidski kvass, the brand-new drink does not contain preservatives.

0.5L, 1.5L – PET, 0.33L – Can.