LIDSKAE IDEAL ROYAL is a premium beer continuing the IDEAL line of beers brewed by Nosel Pupko's successors and packaged into a stylish, nobly blue bottle replicating the shape of the historic bottle from 1900.

This variety is brewed in the Belgian golden ale style with rich sweetish taste, mild bitterness and a hint of malt, fruit, spices and honey. The flavour of hops is very light, dominated by close interaction of fruity and spicy flavours against the mild malty nature.

LIDSKAE IDEAL ROYAL has thick and rich foam, stable with few bubbles, of creamy colour.

Composition: treated water, light brewer's barley malt, extract mix (hops extract, organic spices and herbs extracts), CO2 hop extract.

Packing format: glass bottle 0.5l.

Energy content, kcal/kJ 100 ml 41,6/174,2
Fat 0 г
Protein 0,6 г
Carbohydrates 3,2 г
Sugar 1,0 г
Salt 0 г
Alcohol 5,0 %
Bitterness 5 (EBU)
Colour 20 (EBC)
Bitterness 11,4 %
Drink Responsibly