Zhyguleuskaye Zhytnyae Beer Manufactured by Lidskoe Pivo – A New ‘Grain’ of Our Traditions!

The aficionados of Zhigulevskoe Yubileynoe (Zhigulevskoe 80 Year) beer launched in honour of the 80th anniversary of the Zhigulevskoe beer manufactured by Lidskoe Pivo will certainly appreciate the new product, i.e. Zhyguleuskaye Zhytnyae, a special semi-dark rye beer.

Zhytnyae is a new variety in a unique retro bottle from a time-proved brand with a long history.

Not only the Zhigulevskoe beer by Lidskoe Pivo can boast a long history, but also rye beer itself. It was brewed in Germany in the 16th century for the first time. After that it quickly found its aficionados, but it was banned up to the end of the 19th century because rye should only be used to bake a bread.

Today, thanks to new techniques and barley and rye malt use, the Zhyguleuskaye Zhytnyae semi-dark beer having rich, dark amber colour can surprise and delight its consumers. It has a freshly baked rye bread aroma and a unique grain flavour combined with pleasant hop notes. The beer has a moderately bitter taste and a luxurious and dense foam head. Strength: 5%. Original gravity: 11.6%.


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