ZHYGULESKAYE ZHYTNYAE is a new beer in the Zhigulevskoe-80 line from Lida. A special semi-dark variety with the taste of rye bread in a unique retro bottle, from a time-tested brand with a long history.

ZHYGULOYSKAYE ZHYTNYAE is a semi-dark beer with a pleasant amber-dark hue, 5% ABV in a unique retro bottle. When preparing, not only barley, but also rye malt is used to give the taste of rye bread and a unique grain aroma, combined with pleasant hop notes.

Ingredients: treated water, light brewing barley malt, rye flour, fermented rye malt, brewing barley malt, granulated hops, CO2-extract of hops.

Available formats: glass bottle 0.5 l, 20 l. – KEG.

Nutritional information per 100 ml
Energy value kcal, kcal/kJ 100 ml 43,3/181,3
Carbohydrates in 100 ml of beer 3,7 г
Volume fraction of alcohol 5,0 %
Bitterness 15 (IBU)
Color 31 (EBC)
Mass fraction of retained in the initial wort 11,6 %
ZHIGULEVSKOE SPECIAL The original recipe of Zhigulevskoe beer was practically identical to Vienna beer, which was popular before the revolution.
ZHYGULYOUSKAE 80 YEAR Zhygulyouskae 80 Years is a retro beer produced for the anniversary of the legend of Soviet brewing.
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