Furry charity event at "Lidskae"

At the end of 2023, we initiated a number of activities both for “Lidskae Pivo” employees and residents of Belarus to help animal shelters.

The first stage was a campaign in Lida and Molodechno, during which anyone could exchange a certain amount of animal feed for CRAZY CRUSH kvass. In just one day of the event, we exchanged 658 packages of kvass for more than 600 kilograms of dry kibble. Moreover, the participants brought pouches of food (over 500 pieces), as well as toys, treats, draw sheets and other things shelters need. We received a huge number of positive reviews and comments. The most precious words were said by the curator of the Zoolida community: “Thanks to your company, our four-legged friends will have a full-bellied New Year. And it's been a long time since we had one.”

The campaign for the “Lidskae Pivo” employees took a form of a charity lottery. To motivate employees to participate in the campaign more actively, the company directors joined the event and provided a grand prize: a gift certificate for one of the largest online hypermarkets in Belarus.

But it is worth noting that the employees of “Lidskae Pivo” participated in the event absolutely selflessly. Many kibble packages had notes, saying: “Not for the lottery, I just want to help out.” More than 200 company employees took part in the campaign.

The results of the lottery were more than impressive: we raised over 100 kg of dry kibble, more than 500 food pouches, and one of the employees even knitted warm overalls for our four-legged friends. We donated all this to shelters in Minsk and Lida, and also paid off their veterinary clinic bills in the amount of about 1,500 BYN.

“Lidskae Pivo” thanks everyone involved in the campaign for their help and generosity. And we’d like to remind you once again that there is no such thing as too little help. And doing good is so very easy!

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