New Musical and Chilling Hit of the Season – LIDSKAE LID FRESH LAGER

Lidskoe Pivo launches a new sub-brand, LIDSKAE LID FRESH LAGER, aimed at a young audience.

LIDSKAE LID FRESH LAGER is a new refreshing light lager in the LIDSKAE line, which brings together people who are close in spirit. The beer is brewed using the classic ice-cold lagering technology: the beer is kept at sub-zero temperatures, not higher than -1 °C, for maximum purity and light flavor.

LIDSKAE LID FRESH LAGER is 4.5% lager beer with slight bitterness, a pleasant light hop bouquet, and a soft aftertaste. The golden hue of the beer is emphasized by the use of a transparent bottle, and the new twist-off cap makes opening the LIDSKAE LID FRESH LAGER glass bottle easier, without additional devices.

The packaging design continues the history of the union: amber background shade, the key color of the LIDSKAE master brand, is responsible for continuity and emotions, while the deep blue shade emphasizes the ice-cold lagering technology. The key part of the design is the image of the brand symbol, i.e. a noble deer. 

The new product will be available in several formats: 0.5 liter glass bottle, 0.45 liter tin can, and 0.9 liter and 1.9 liter PET bottles. The packaging will be interactive: the QR code placed on it will allow to get the latest news from the brand as soon as possible.

“The philosophy of LIDSKAE LID FRESH LAGER is to unite, because by joining opposites we create something new and unique. We are all different, we have different 'music' – lifestyle or vibe, but it makes it even more interesting to spend time together, we gain new experiences and share emotions,” comments Lidskoe Pivo on the new product.

The new product has already entered the market and will soon appear on the store shelves across the country.


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