LIDSKAE LID FRESH LAGER is a new refreshing light beer in the LIDSKAE line with its musical atmosphere, which brings together like-minded people.

It is brewed according to the classic ice-cold lagering technology, in which the beer is aged at sub-zero temperatures, not higher than -1 °C, to obtain the purest and lightest taste.

LIDSKAE LID FRESH LAGER is a light beer with a pleasant golden hue, which is emphasized by the use of a transparent bottle, 4.5% alcohol, low bitterness, light hop bouquet and mild aftertaste. And the new twist-off cap makes opening LIDSKAE LID FRESH LAGER even easier, without the need for additional tools.

Packaging format: 0.45 CAN, 0.5 – glass, 0.9; 1.9 l. – PET, 20, 30 l. – KEG

Nutritional information per 100 ml
Nutritional value of 100 ml of beer, average values: carbohydrates 2,4 g
The alcohol content is 4,5 %
Bitterness 9 (IBU)
Density (mass fraction of solids in the initial wort) 9,7 %
LIDSKAE NON-ALCO (Nulevachka) Non-alcoholic beer with pale straw color, with full-scale beer taste.
LIDSKAE CLASSIC Traditional beer with light distinctive bitter taste.
LIDSKAE LID SUPER FRESH LIDSKAE LID SUPER FRESH is a new light beer with light citrus notes in taste in the LID musical line.
LIDSKAE Nulevachka Pshanichnae LIDSKAE Nulevachka Pshanichnae is a non-alcoholic variety with a real unfiltered beer flavor and a pleasant hoppy aroma.
LIDSKAE IDEAL ROYAL Premium beer continuing the IDEAL line of beers brewed by Nosel Pupko's successors and packaged into a stylish, nobly blue bottle replicating the shape of the historic bottle from 1900.
LIDSKAE PREMIUM A light aromatic golden lager with lush foam and mild flavor. It contains only 100% malt, hops and water, which emphasizes the real premium character.
LIDSKAE IDEAL Premium beer brewed for the plant’s 145th anniversary. It has a sweetish malt taste, amber color, and a light hop bitterness.
LIDSKAE PORTER Dark beer with deep caramel taste and express flavor.
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