Delicate Melon Ice Cream, Campfire Smell & Frank Sinatra Songs. Lidskae Beer Master Competition Finals Reveal Secret of Unique Cocktail Tastes

The Lidskae Beer Master professional bartender competition held in Belarus has ended. Fifteen best bartenders presented their original signature cocktails, the must ingredient of which was LID FRESH LAGER beer. The list of ingredients used for these cocktails varied and some of them were even quite unusual, such as coriander, juniper, pepperoni, ice cream and even edible glitter. Can all of these things really taste right with beer? The bartender competition participants have proven that these ingredients can do that.

It’s not just the colour, taste and aroma of the cocktails that the bartenders created to surprise, but also an unusual presentation of these cocktails. Making drinks turned into a real performance: some of the contest participants played vintage vinyl records while preparing their cocktails, which gave their pieces a hoarse and charming flavour; other bartenders created a real theatrical performance, where they played fragments from popular films; others made the guests and the jury find themselves in the wildwood and feel the sounds of nature and the warmth of the campfire. Determining the winner was not an easy task, because the composition of each cocktail and its presentation were unique and one of a kind.

The presentation of the original signature cocktails to the jury members at the final stage of the competition took place in one of the LIDBEER chain bars. The jury assessed the degree of drink name creativity and the originality of the drink presentation, brand integration, performance format, presentation and, of course, the taste of the original cocktail. The bartenders were assessed by Audrius Mikshis, Lidskoe Pivo OJSC CEO, Oleg Malakhov, Lidskoe Pivo OJSC Chief Technologist, Anatoly Rachevsky, BarPortal School Bartender & Teacher, Anton Khadarovich, Lidbeer Chain Head Bartender, Zhan Senkevich, TV and Radio Host, Blogger, and Founder of the Public Speaking School, and Marina Akopyan, Food Blogger (

About 200 professional bartenders joined the competition. The finalists were 15 participants who successfully passed 2 qualifying stages: testing based on the webinar results and a creative challenge, during which bartenders developed their original recipes for beer cocktails inspired by their favourite music genre.

“This event is of paramount importance for our company, too, as for each of its participants. After all, Lidskoe Pivo, as a Belarusian leader in the production of beer and beverages, has always strived and strives to support the professional development and skill perfection of masters of their craft. Holding such a competition for professional bartenders allows us to create conditions that will help bartenders to unlock their potential and achieve their greatest heights when they climb their career ladder,” said Audrius Mikshis, Lidskoe Pivo OJSC CEO.

The winners of the competition and the holders of BYN 8,000, 5,000, and 3,000 cash prizes were those who were not afraid to show courage and originality in developing the taste of their cocktails.

  1. First place went to Valery Pozdnyakov, Lebyazhy restaurant (Minsk), who made a delicate peach and melon cocktail called Soul;
  2. Second place went to Elizaveta Belyatskaya, Bistro & bar Stories (Molodechno); she made an original jazz cucumber and lavender cocktail Summer Time, while showing an incredible performance based on The Godfather;
  3. Third place went to Pavel Zubel, Bull and Roo restaurant (Minsk), for his ambient smoky country cocktail Lagerfeuer.

You can get to know the finalists’ cocktails and taste the music in the LIDBEER chain bars from 21 June through 7 July.

The Lidskae Beer Master professional bartender competition has been held by Lidskoe Pivo since 2015. The format of the creativity competition makes it possible for both professional bartenders and amateurs who enjoy making cocktails at home to open a window of opportunities to improve their skills.

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