Dreams do come true. Or how the founder Nosel Pupko's heart's desires came true in Lida after 146 years

One of the oldest breweries in the country, OJSC Lidskoe Pivo, is expanding its LIDSKAE IDEAL line established to mark the Company's 145th anniversary. LIDSKAE IDEAL was the last variety of beer developed in the brewery founder Nosel Pupko's lifetime. Yet he could not realise all his ideas by himself. So today, we present to you LIDSKAE IDEAL ROYAL: a premium beer continuing the IDEAL line of beers brewed by Nosel Pupko's successors and packaged into a stylish, nobly coloured bottle replicating the shape of the historic bottle from 1900.

LIDSKAE IDEAL ROYAL, beer in a unique blue bottle, is designed to inspire people to dream big and make even the boldest dreams happen together with the like-minded others. It is true what they say about bold dreamers, 'They have a golden dream'.

Nosel Pupko, the founder of the brewery, was a bold dreamer. That's why he managed to establish a brand which has developed successfully for 146 years already. Nosel was certain that each and every one of us has a destiny, a trade we know better than others which makes us useful to other people. Our destination is to create moments of joy through beverages. So Nosel had always experimented with recipes, technologies, bottle shapes. He was not afraid to dream big. One of such bold ideas was a special bottle, unlike anything seen before. This idea had burnt in him, he told his children about it and they told theirs and finally, the founder's dream comes true.

'We, Nosel's successors, realised his old dream and present to you LIDSKAE IDEAL ROYAL in a blue bottle – the colour which has always been associated with royalty, nobility. It is also seen as the colour of fidelity. And the motivating factor in creating LIDSKAE IDEAL ROYAL was our faithful adherence to the traditions. It all starts with an idea, but sometimes we can make it happen only with the support of our nearest. For all of us, today, this is the moment when dreams come true', they say at Lidskoe Pivo.

LIDSKAE IDEAL ROYAL is a variety brewed in the Belgian golden ale style with rich sweetish taste, mild bitterness and a hint of malt, fruit, spices and honey. The flavour of hops is very light, dominated by close interaction of fruity and spicy flavours against the mild malty nature. LIDSKAE IDEAL ROYAL has thick and rich foam, stable with few bubbles, of creamy colour.

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