Lidskoye Pivo invites you to take part in the “General Dictation” on September 3, during which you can help the Lida Castle

On Saturday, September 3, an open dictation in the Belarusian language "General dictation" will take place. You can show love to your native language and check your knowledge of spelling and punctuation online from anywhere in the world or offline in Minsk. Lidskoye Pivo JSC will transfer money for each participant to purchase a new exhibit for the Lida Castle.

The “General Dictation” will be held in Belarus for the fourth time; in 2020, more than 3,000 people decided to write a text in their native language. To become a full member of the project in 2022, you need to sign up on the website and choose how you plan to write: online or at the Lidbeer Dvor.

On September 3, at 03:00 p.m., the live streaming will begin on the YouTube channel and at the site in Minsk. You need to have only a pen and an A4 sheet of paper at hand at the appointed time. There are no age, geography, or even language proficiency restrictions for participants: the organizers have chosen a text of medium complexity for dictation to show both the affluence of our language and its melody and beauty.

This year, the dictation will be read by the popular announcer of Belarusian radio and television Vladimir Bakleychev. The Minsk metro “speaks” in his voice almost from the first day of operation; thanks to him, almost every Belarusian knows how Nemiga, Oktyabrskaya, or Kupalovskaya names sound in their native language.

- This year we have decided not only to share our love for the native language through an open dictation but also to give Belarus another treasure - already a material one. Lidskoye Pivo JSC will transfer 5 rubles for each participant, who will send his/her work for assessment, for the purchase of a new exhibit for the Lida Castle – a branch of Lida Historical and Art Museum SI, well-known throughout the country – the company noted.

You can send your work for the assessment using your personal account on the website, you need to do this on September 3 before 07:00 p.m. Professional philologists will give marks, and you can view your results with the comments of specialists in 3-4 days also in your personal account.

Excellent “students” who are given an eight, nine, or ten will receive invitation tickets to the Lida Brewery Museum, which opened in Lida this spring. The four floors of the historical building house thousands of exhibits, including interactive ones dedicated to the history of the legendary brewery and its founder, Nosel Pupko.


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