A Roaring Comeback! LIDBEER in a New Format Hosted More Than 100,000 Guests

On September 2, LIDBEER, one of the biggest festivals in Belarus, burst into life after a three-year break. Just for one day, Lida hosted three music stages, opened dozens of food courts, playgrounds and sports venues, handed out tickets to the Lida Brewery Museum, and even built a new civil registry office! Here’s a breakdown of what more than 100,000 festival visitors were up to on the first weekend of September.

The headliner of LIDBEER 2023 was Classic Energy, Belarusian Symphonic Orchestra, whose covers of Nirvana, Queen, and Bon Jovi were accompanied by thousands of people. Fans of electronic music danced for more than seven hours at the walls of Lida Castle, where the stage with DJs was set up. In front of the House of Trade, traditional Belarusian melodies in an unordinary arrangement were performed.

The festival territory covered the whole city, and lovers of active recreation happily moved around it during the day: from DYNAMI:T climbing center and freestyle master classes to the site with balance boards and yoga. It was possible to organize a picnic in one of the chill zones from AURA or CRAZY CRUSH, make beautiful photos, and even get rid of excess energy using a huge anti-stress cube.

Just for one day Lida welcomed new Mediterranean and pan-Asian restaurants, as well as places offering healthy food and dishes for vegetarians. The Maryino activation area with contests for fast eating of meat pastries was especially popular among LIDBEER guests.

It is common to get to know each other at city parties, but with LIDBEER 2023 it was possible to get married right away. A queue of those eager to declare their love gathered near the festival civil registry office. More than 200 couples expressed their desire to register their relationship in this way during the working day.

Regardless of how guests came to the festival (alone, with children or friends), there was something to do at LIDBEER: win prizes with the Crazy Crush wheel of fortune, get a surprise hidden behind the Kalekciya Maistra hop wall, play board games, pass the city quest, visit retro cars exhibition, test intuition in Pepsi Taste Challenge, and much more! The third fireworks show of the day along with the track It’s My Life performed by Classic Energy became the highlight of the celebration. The festival ended by midnight with DJs performing.

“This year LIDBEER was transformed into a festival of festivals, where a variety of guests could find entertainment: music lovers and foodies, introverts and extroverts, lovers of active urban recreation and camping fans. By preliminary count, on September 2, the festival hosted over 102,000 people! Without exaggeration we can announce that on that day beer was flowing at the event: the guests of the festival drunk 58,640 liters of beer, 9,270 liters of kvass, and 19,520 liters of other non-alcoholic beverages,” shared the results at Lidskoe Pivo. “We would like to express our gratitude to Lida District Executive Committee, and to all our multiple partners among which we would like to make a special mention to BNB-Bank and Mastercard.”


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