BOHÉMSKÝ LEV Comes to the Dark Side

BOHÉMSKÝ LEV Comes to the Dark Side

Lidskoe Pivo continues to develop the Czech beer segment. Following the pale lager, BOHÉMSKÝ LEV ČERNÉ, brewed in the same rigorous Czech brewing tradition, will appear on the market.

At the beginning of summer, the BOHÉMSKÝ LEV light lager appeared on the shelves of Belarusian stores. BOHÉMSKÝ LEV is a premium beer. It was the result of friendship and cooperation of two talented brewers: Jirí Karlik, Owner of Czech Brewmasters, and Oleg Malakhov, Chief Brewer of the Lida Brewery. The friends were challenged to brew a beer that would meet all the high Czech quality standards, while taking into account the preferences of Belarusians, who tend to choose milder varieties. The brewers decided not to stop at one flavor and just a couple of months later introduced BOHÉMSKÝ LEV ČERNÉ, a dark beer with a fairly dense body and a signature bitterness of dark beers.

BOHÉMSKÝ LEV ČERNÉ is made with selected Czech hops, which adds the beer’s signature hop flavor.

BOHÉMSKÝ LEV ČERNÉ will be available in two formats: a 0.5 L glass bottle and a 0.9 L PET bottle. The peculiarity of glass packaging is the additional protection of the lid with foil. It keeps the bottle clean, which is especially important during the pandemic. BOHÉMSKÝ LEV ČERNÉ will appear on the market this week.


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