95% of visitors do not wear masks. How are things going in the capital’s shopping centers and at Komarovsky Market, where Lidskoe pivo handed out 5,000 masks over the weekend

95% of visitors do not wear masks. How are things going in the capital’s shopping centers and at Komarovsky Market, where Lidskoe pivo handed out 5,000 masks over the weekend

Singapore, Czech Republic, Israel and China are countries with a full “mask regimen” established. In other words, people can only go outside wearing a medical face mask. In general, at the end of April citizens of more than 50 countries are obliged (with various strictness) to wear personal protective equipment. Belarus is not among them. On this matter, our country follows the WHO recommendation that medical masks are mandatory only for doctors and patients. Lidskoe pivo decided to find out which of the two approaches is closer to residents of Minsk.

Friday. Evening. One of the largest shopping centers in the very center of the city. Usually at this time there are a lot of people, but much less today. Apparently, recommendations to stay at home had an effect. A girl in the promotion uniform of Lidskoe pivo and, which is especially important now, with a mask, carefully watches the visitors. Ones are fully equipped with mask and gloves, others limited themselves to one thing, but for someone the protective equipment seemed unnecessary. These visitors are our target.

The arguments of those who prefer to go outside without masks so far are different. “I did not find it in the pharmacy”, “I had no time to buy it”, “I used all I had”, “I went out for a moment and go back to self-isolation”, “I do not feel sick” and even “I do not believe they are effective”. Meanwhile, the “mask regimen”, according to the experience of several countries that are already quitting quarantine, has proved its effectiveness. That is why, regardless of beliefs, all visitors without masks noticed by the promoter of Lidskoe pivo received a reusable branded mask.

 This March we updated the title brand of our company. The phrase “All for the dearest” has become the new slogan of Lidskoe pivo. Over the next months, the situation has grossly changed, but we did not abandon the original concept supporting sincere relationships between people and adjusted it according to current conditions. Part of the planned marketing activities was canceled in order to allocate funds to support Belarusians in this situation. Now Lidskoe pivo helps not only to maintain a positive mood (we initiated the local #DomaDzelyaSvaіkh movement and released a thematic sticker pack), but also gives real help to doctors and our consumers. We are purchasing protective equipment for medical workers, providing targeted financial assistance to hospitals, allocating water for the needs of patients, and now we are focusing our efforts on providing Minsk residents with protective equipment, said Valentina Bagniya, Head of Lidskoe pivo Marketing Department.

For three hours of work on Friday, the promoter of Lidskoe pivo handed out 1,462 masks to the shopping center visitors.

The next stop is the Komarovsky Market. We get there Saturday morning. The situation is not typical: all sellers are wearing masks and gloves, the number of visitors is also significantly smaller. From time to time, shoppers with no masks flashed between the rows of fresh vegetables and fruits. We counted 2,096 people without masks, and all of them left the market not only with their purchases, but also with a branded mask of Lidskoe pivo.

Sunday afternoon, the promoter of Lidskoe pivo was in a large shopping center at Kamennaya Gorka. This time the always crowded shopping center meets us with unusually empty cafes and bored sellers of small shops, the flow of visitors here is also noticeably less.

All the shopping center employees wear masks or special face shields, some visitors also protected themselves. However, there were still more of those who received a branded mask of Lidskoe pivo.

 Our small experiment showed that not all visitors of the shopping centers and Komarovsky Market are wearing masks. Approximately 5% of the total number of visitors used personal protective equipment. In three days, Lidskoe pivo handed out 5,000 masks. We hope that they will help to keep Minsk residents healthy and will contribute to the soon end of the COVID-19 distribution, summed up Valentina Bagniya, Head of Lidskoe pivo Marketing Department.


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