Autumn craft novelty from Lidskoe pivo: Pumpkin Ale

Autumn craft novelty from Lidskoe pivo: Pumpkin Ale

“Lidskoe pivo” presents a limited edition of autumn novelty from the “Master’s Collection” craft series: Pumpkin Ale.

The launch of Pumpkin Ale from the “Master’s Collection” line was preceded by appearance of a spectacular rider with a pumpkin on his head in Minsk. The rider, as if he leapt from the pages of the novel by Mayne Reid, rode through the main streets on horseback and aroused great interest among the passersby.

Today, pumpkin beer is one of the most beloved seasonal styles not only in the United States, but also throughout the world. It is believed that pumpkin beer appeared in inter-American region in the period between the XVII-XVIII centuries. In the early colonial years, it was pumpkin that was used to make beer because of the lack of raw materials, primarily malt. However, gradually, in the course of development of agriculture, the interest in pumpkin beer faded. This popular variety was given new lease of life in 1985, during the early years of the craft revolution. Bill Owens from California was inspired by one of George Washington’s recipes and brewed pumpkin ale. However, he added something special – spices. This is how the modern version of pumpkin ale emerged and conquered consumers all over the world.

According to the Beer Judge Certification Program, pumpkin beer belongs to the category of Autumn Seasonal Beer.

Pumpkin Ale by “Lidskoe pivo” is a seasonal velvet dark beer with 4.6% ABV, with pumpkin aroma and taste, which is complemented by cinnamon piquancy and vanilla tenderness. In the production of Pumpkin Ale, the combination of Munich Dark and Dark Ale dark malts is used in addition to pumpkin juice, which further emphasizes the special non-trivial taste of the novelty.

The dry solids weight ratio in Pumpkin Ale is 11.8%, and bitterness is 12 IBU. This beer is recommended to serve at a temperature of from 10 to 12 degrees.

The novelty has been released in the craft series and opens up a popular class of products in beer craft to Belarusian consumers. Pumpkin ale will appear on store shelves from October 8.

Pumpkin Ale became the 13th flavour of the “Master’s Collection” series. The novelty is released in a limited edition – only 85,000 liters – and will be available for sale until the end of February 2019. The variety is presented only in one packaging format – a 0.5-liter glass bottle. The recommended price is 2.42 rubles.



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