“Lidskoe Pivo” is the first large Belarusian brewery to produce Sour Ale

“Lidskoe Pivo” is the first large Belarusian brewery to produce Sour Ale

“Lidskoe Pivo” has produced a sour ale for the first time in its history. The new variety “Sour Ale”, part of the “Master’s Collection”, has become the first sour beer variety in Belarus to be brought to mass market by a large brewery.

The novelty is a part of the craft series; it opens a popular class of craft beer products to Belarusian customers. The sour ale will appear on shelves of stores on July 16.

According to the brewing history, before invention of pasteurization, nearly all varieties of beer were subjected to random oxidation by means of bacteria to some extent. If two centuries ago brewers were trying to avoid that, today such beer oxidized by bacteria is a trendy and popular direction of craft brewing. The sour ale category includes numerous styles and methods of brewing.

Lidskae Sour Ale is a moderately strong sour ale (3.9% ABV) with tart fruity taste and mild aftertaste. Sour Ale is produced with the special Belgian malt Chateau Acid with increased content of lactic acid bacteria and cranberry juice, which gives the beer its special taste.

Original extract of Lidskae Sour Ale is 11.7%. The novelty has a light color (8 points on the EBC scale) and bitterness of 10 IBU. Recommended serving temperature is 10-12°C.

“Belarusians are willing to get acquainted with international beer trends, and we’re ready to support them in this endeavor by producing beer varieties that are unusual for our market,” says Oleg Malakhov, chief brewer of “Lidskoe Pivo.” Beer that is oxidized by bacteria on purpose is at the peak of the world’s craft beer scene. And we’re happy to offer our interpretation of sour ale to Belarusians in our craft series. The novelty is supposed to shake up consumer views on the beer assortment.”

Sour Ale has become the 12th taste in the “Master’s Collection.” The novelty has been produced in a limited batch of only 75,000 liters and will be available in stores until the end of September. The variety is presented in packages of two types – 0.33 and 0.5 glass bottles. The recommended prices are 1.77 and 2.35 BYN respectively.



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