LIDSKAE BEER MASTER 2018 winners announced

LIDSKAE BEER MASTER 2018 winners announced

On April 18, thefinal of theRepublican Competition of Professional Bartenders LIDSKAE BEER MASTER 2018 took place in restaurant & bar “TisheMyshi”. The competition was organized by “LidskoePivo” in partnership with the Bartenders School “Splash & Dash”.

The final was preceded by a qualifying round and a semifinal. The contestants were asked to pass a theoretical test aimed at checking their bartending skills and the knowledge of crafting “LidskoePivo”. According to the results, fifteen bartenders scored the highest: ArtyomGaidash, ArtyomZezyulko, VladislavKisly, AndreyKozlov, Anton Kolechenok, Ivan Krivetsky, Oleg Pekar, YegorPerekhod, Philip Petchenko, Alexander Pireyko, Alexander Puteyko, Alexei Roshchin, VladislavKhodosevich, Igor Chistobayev, KristinaShanchuk. They became the finalists of LIDSKAE BEER MASTER 2018.

For several weeks before the final, the participants had been creating signature cocktails based on the new Australian Light Lager brand from the line of craft beer “KalektsyaMaistra”. The chief brewer of the company Oleg Malakhovpresented the novelty at the semi-final of LIDSKAE BEER MASTER 2018.

Fifteensignature cocktails of the finalists were rated by the technical jury of the Bartenders School “Splash & Dash”, as well as by the tasting jury consisting of AudriusMikshis, CEO of “LidskoePivo”, Oleg Malakhov, chief brewer of the company, restaurant owner Alexei Sadovoy, chairman of the Public Association Club for Collectors of Beer Accessories“PivnyeVolaty” VasilyMayko, PR-manager of the portal YuliaSheshuk. Special experts of the contest – media representatives and bloggers – also chose their favorite.

Kristina Shanchuk(“ButterBro”) was announced winner of the 4th Republican Competition of Professional Bartenders LIDSKAE BEER MASTER 2018. Oleg Pekar came second (“Stirlitz Spy Bar”). Third place went to Igor Chistobayev (“Kurilka”).

Media representatives and bloggers especially mentioned Oleg Pekar out of 15 finalists.

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