“Lidskoe Pivo” presents two new products in its craft series, “Master’s Collection”

“Lidskoe Pivo” presents two new products in its craft series, “Master’s Collection”

JSC «Lidskoe Pivo» presented two new products in its craft series, «Master’s Collection»— dark beer ‘Imperial Porter’ and the renewed version of ‘Ginger Beer’. The popular British varieties were brewed by Oleg Malakhov, brewer of the company.

Imperial Porter is a dark beer with high alcohol content and dense oily structure. This beer style comes from the traditional porter, which was first brewed by the English brewer Raplh Harwood in the first half of the 18th century. Classic porter was produced as an ale substitute for heavy duty workers.
It is believed that the prefix «imperial» appeared when the porter exported from England gained popularity within the court of the Russian Emperor. In addition to its notable name, the variety also got its specific recipe: imperial porter was distinguished by the use of low fermentation yeast, high alcohol content (above 7%) and minimal use of hops. The legend has it that the recipe of imperial porter was lost in Russia in the early 20th century, but English brewers preserved it and kept the brewing tradition going.

Ginger Beer is a special variety of pale beer brewed with addition of natural ginger, which contributes to the pleasant aroma and savory zest. Ginger beer is widely popular in England, USA and Germany, where it’s known as ginger ale. The variety first appeared in the Master’s Collection in 2016. By numerous requests from the customers it was brought back with an updated recipe.

«Imperial Porter as a style of beer is practically absent from the Belarusian market. This kind of beer is quite specific due to its high ABV, but our company has been waiting for a long time to present such dark beer with the balance of alcohol with caramel and black malts», says Oleg Malakhov, the chief brewer of «Lidskoe Pivo». He added: «Ginger beer, on the other hand, is familiar to gourmets, but hasn’t been widely known to Belarusian consumers until the last year. In 2016 Ginger Beer from the Master’s Collection was warmly greeted by the consumers. This is why for this winter we decided to bring the ginger variety back to the range of products, enriching the recipe of the beer with additional ingredients.»

«Imperial Porter» from the Master’s Collection is a dark variety of beer brewed with the use of low fermentation yeast, which fully let the taste and aroma of hops and malts fully disclose. The light and caramel malts are supplemented by Chateau Chocolat malt, which added the express notes of roasted nuts to the beer’s taste. Chateau Black contributed the grippy taste with smoke notes. ABV — not less than 8.5%. Dry solids weight ratio — 21%.

«Ginger Beer» from the Master’s Collection is a lager brewed with addition of ginger and chili pepper. These ingredients give the beer its bright aroma with pleasant zest and the noticeable warming effect. Treated artesian water, natural yeasts, malts and hops were used for brewing. Due to the updated recipe, the 2017’s version of «Ginger Beer» is distinguished by its richer taste, increased density (13%) and ABV (5.3%).

Audrius Mikshis, CEO of JSC «Lidskoe Pivo»: «Lidskoe Pivo is a company that effectively combines Belarusian traditions and European innovations». We consider it important to make customers familiar with international beer trends and the culture of drinking; this is why the Master’s Collection keeps on experimenting. As the oldest continuously working brewing factory of the country, we apply all our experience of 140 years to production of the beer types that would cater for the most demanding computer. Since the beginning of 2017 the company has already presented more than 10 new beers, and all of them have found enthusiasts and took their respective places in the portfolio of products.”

The new varieties will go on sale from November 8, 2017; they will be present in shops until February. Recommended price for «Imperial Porter» is 1.93 and 2.45 rubles for 0.33l and 0.5l bottle respectively; for «Ginger Beer» — 1.6 and 2.03 rubles for 0.33l and 0.5l bottle respectively.

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