“Lidskoe pivo” expands the presence of its brands in the can beer segment

“Lidskoe pivo” expands the presence of its brands in the can beer segment

Several sorts of «Lidskoe pivo», previously produced in glass and PET bottles, appeared in a can.

Since the beginning of spring, the company has begun pouring 0,5 l of sorts LIDSKAE® Wheat Light BeerZhigulevskoe Special into aluminum cans. Also «Lidskoe pivo» was the first among the national producers to issue a can in the format of «imperial pint» (0.568 l) — for KORONET Lager. In early April, the company announced the launch of 0.5 liter can for licensed German brand Warsteiner.

The decision to increase the number of sorts in cans has been made due to a significant growth of this segment for the last few years, as well as high attractiveness of this package for young audience.

«We are watching changes in the culture of drinking and consumption — more and more people prefer packaging, which is convenient and easily to be transported. In addition, one of the key priorities of „Lidskoe pivo“ is the uncompromising quality of beer. Aluminum cans are one of the most progressive types of packaging. They block the light and are an effective barrier to oxygen, thereby ensuring a long-lasting freshness and preserving the flavor characteristics of the beer», — says Irina Kapilova, marketing director of «Lidskoe pivo».

Zhigulevskoe Special and Warsteiner cans are produced in Belarus, LIDSKAE® Wheat Light Beer — in Lithuania (Volfas Engelman plant), KORONET Lager — in Latvia (Cēsu alus plant).


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