Lida started brewing beer in accordance with Czech traditions

“Lidskoe pivo” starts production of the BOHÉMSKÝ LEV brand. Jirí Karlik, a well-known brewer and owner of the Czech company Czech Brewmasters, was involved in the development of new drinks. For about a year, two specialists Jirí and Oleg Malakhov, the chief brewer of the Lida plant, worked on a recipe to brew beer that would meet the high standards of Czech quality and that Belarusians would like to drink while meeting each other for live communication and pleasant emotions.

The new beer is less bitter than the popular Czech varieties. It is 15 IBU, which, according to the Czech expert, is the optimal combination that emphasizes the aroma and rich taste. It was decided to use premium Bohemia hops for production, as they very delicately embitter beer, but do not take away the grain aftertaste typical for Czech beer. The new beer is 4.2% strong.

The first beer to be sold was BOHÉMSKÝ LEV SVĚTLÉ. The new drink goes well with simple but hearty snacks. A cheese plate with garlic sauce, any salted or pickled fish, meat pudding and all kinds of homemade toasts will become a complement to deliver flavor.

The new variety will be produced in all popular volumes: a glass bottle of 0.5 L, an aluminum can of 0.45 L, as well as in the format for a tight-knit company, which is poured 0.9 L and 1.9 L into PET bottles. BOHÉMSKÝ LEV ČERNÉ will be available in the beginning of June, and on the shelves you will find beer in glass of 0.5 L and in PET of 0.9 L.