The first on the Belarusian market! Lidski kvass has started producing unfiltered kvass

The first unfiltered kvass not only in the Lidski kvass line, but also among Belarusian producers, went on sale in a convenient 1.5-liter package. And by the end of March, the product will also appear on store shelves in stylish 0.5-liter aluminum cans.

CRAZY CRUSH CRANBERRY Lidski kvass is made of light kvass wort and cranberry juice, which is popular in Belarus. This combination makes the taste of the drink softer compared to the well-known naturally fermented kvass and adds a rich berry color. The special sourness of ripe cranberries is refreshing and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. In order to emphasize the original taste, it is recommended to drink unfiltered kvass chilled.

In the production of CRAZY CRUSH CRANBERRY Lidski kvass, yeast cells, which are usually removed during the filtration stage, are partially preserved. Yeast is rich in various vitamins, primarily of group B, and makes unfiltered kvass even better for you.

Crazy Crush Cranberry kvass in a convenient company-friendly PET packaging is available in stores across the country. Recommended price for 1.5 L is BYN 2.55. A trendy 0.5 L aluminum can will cost BYN 1.45. Such packaging does not permit light through, which allows you to longer preserve the natural properties of unfiltered kvass.