Pub is where KORONET is: Lidskoe Pivo has released a new kind of beer in British style

The name of the KORONET Pub Draught beer indicates that it is a pub draught beer. It has hit the market across the country by the beginning of the season. Compared to the other KORONET beers, Pub Draught has a milder taste, a light hoppy and floral flavor typical for fresh beer on draught in pubs, as well as a specific thick collar of white foam.

The mild fresh flavor of the new product is achieved by double hopping. Two different varieties of hops are used: Tetrafresh and Saaz hops. The former gives a light bitterness, which is traditional for British-style lagers. It also makes the beer transparent golden and frothy. The latter adds the beer a floral herbaceous aroma.

KORONET Pub Draught is a Euro PALE Lager with ABV of 4.7%. Original extract is 10.6%. The variety has a rather low IBU of 3-5. Moreover, the new product is characterized by a Gentle Carbonation, due to which its taste is comparable to the one of keg beer. Pub Draught will be the sixth beer in the KORONET range and will be produced regularly.