This beer is brewed in the British style

KORONET STOUT ORIGINAL This beer is brewed in the british style. Deep dark color, malt and caramel flavour, light bitterness in the taste and large cream head.
KORONET LAGER European ligher of golden amber-like color. Light, with hops aftertaste.
KORONET BROWN ALE Dark top-fermented beer, whose history began as far back as the 18th century.
KORONET ALCOHOL FREE Koronet Alcohol Free is a solution for those who not only follow global trends, but also like to try new interesting tastes.
KORONET PORTER The taste of dark beer is perfectly emphasized by almond extract, giving the product a specific aftertaste.
KORONET PUB DRAUGHT Euro pale lager, soft and fresh flavor of which is achieved by double hopping.
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