Brewers from Lida recreated one of the company's oldest varieties on the occasion of the 145th anniversary of the brand

One of the oldest breweries in the country celebrates its anniversary with the release of beer with a history. The Belarusians have the opportunity to discover the taste of beer which has been in demand more than 120 years ago. The packaging of the product will not leave anyone indifferent either: specifically for the launch of the legendary variety Ideal from the LIDSKAE line, an exact replica of a bottle of that time was recreated at Lidskoe Pivo.

The premium variety Ideal was the last variety developed at Lidskoe Pivo during the lifetime of the plant founder, Nosel Pupko. He founded the brewery back in 1876 on his own site in Lida, thanks to which the city is now called the capital of brewing.

“We are proud of the history of our company and are celebrating its 145th anniversary with a great enthusiasm,” notes Audrius Mikshis, CEO of JSC “Lidskoe Pivo”, part of the Finnish holding Olvi PLC. “Over the years of the brewery’s operation, our specialists have perfected their skills and collected unique recipes allowing us to produce varieties that unite millions of like-minded people.” Especially for them, we have recreated one of the oldest products of Lidskoe Pivo, which will support the communication “145 years for the loved ones” and will surely become a symbol of a strong connection between our past and present.

LIDSKAE Ideal is based on an old Bavarian recipe brought in Lida at the beginning of the 20th century personally by Nosel Pupko. To get as close as possible to the taste of that time, modern brewers used Munich malt and special aromatic hops. Thanks to these ingredients, the brand new product has received a rich sweet taste and a light hop bitterness. Beer gravity is 12%, strength is 5%.

In addition to its bright taste, the product also has an unusual package. The tradition of packaging beer in specially designed bottles was also started by Nosel Pupko. For the 145th anniversary of the company, brewers from Lida have recreated an exact replica of the early 20th century bottle.

Бутвлка Идеал