The benefits of double taste: All Vitamins brand introduced a new product

JSC “Lidskoe pivo” broadened the range of All Vitamins brand. Now, in addition to juice drinks with orange, cherry, apple and peach flavors, consumers can try a new summer product, a drink that combines strawberries we are familiar with and exotic mango.

The new beverage is in line with global trends in healthy eating. It contains natural mango and strawberry juice, as well as vitamin B complex (0.9L of the beverage contains almost half of the daily intake). Moreover, as well as in all the drinks of the series, sugar content is reduced. Compared to juices and carbonated drinks, All Vitamins with mango and strawberry flavor contains 20% less sugar on average.

“We strive to offer our customers only relevant products. Following the global trend in healthy eating, our company launched the production of a drink that combines a bright natural fruit flavor and the benefits of vitamins. At the same time, it is a perfect refreshing drink that quenches thirst. The product has a moderate sweetness of strawberries and a taste of mango with hints of sourness,” was noted in Lidskoe pivo.

The novelty will be available in 0.45L and 0.9L PET bottles. All Vitamins with mango and strawberry flavor will come in the market before the end of April. The drink is recommended to be served chilled.