Lida brewers have renewed production of ginger beer with chili pepper

“Lidskoe Pivo” brings ginger beer back to the Belarusian market. Since March, Ginger Beer will become a part of the craft series “Master’s Collection” as part of the regular range.

Ginger Beer is a special pale beer variety with rich taste. It is prepared with addition of natural ginger and chili pepper, which give it spicy aroma and piquant zest. Until 2019, Ginger Beer twice appeared in the Master’s Collection and became the consumers’ favorite.

Ginger beer was first produced in England in the middle of the 18th century. Back then, the spicy root was used to treat numerous diseases, from cold to sea sickness. Visitors of English pubs could make almost any beer ginger – a barrel with shredded ginger stood near the door, and anyone could add a handful into the glass of beer. Ginger beer (ale) reached the peak of its popularity in the early 20th century in Britain, Germany, Canada and USA. People started using it not only as a self-sufficient drink, but also as a spicy addition to sauces and meals.

“The decision on permanent production of ginger bear was determined to a great extent by consumer requests. Earlier, Ginger Beer was produced in limited batches and appealed to the taste of many buyers,” says Irina Kapilova, Marketing Director of “Lidskoe Pivo”. “We expect that the constant presence in the range will make this variety even more available for buyers and at the same time help develop taste preferences of Belarusian consumers. There is now one more internationally popular variety in the country.”

The variety is distinguished by increased density (13%) and ABV (5.3%). This beer has soft amber color (6.2 EBC) and 16 IBU. Ginger Beer is packed in 0.5 l glass bottles.

“Master’s Collection” is the first Belarusian range of industrial craft from a large brewing company. The series now includes more than ten signature and experimental varieties that help improve knowledge about beer and familiarize Belarusians with the main trends in the industry. In 2019, the company has decided to introduce varieties for permanent production in the collection along with limited batches. India Pale Ale became the first such variety.