Favorite kvass in a new format — “LidskoePivo” is going to commercialize dark kvass in an aluminum can

“LidskoePivo” has come up with an innovation for Belarusian citizens — naturally fermented kvass in 0.5-liter aluminum can. The novelty will appear in stores on April 26.

Dark “Lidski Kvass” will have a new format. This is one of the most popular kinds in the manufacturer’s kvass line with a rich taste and aroma of crispy bread crust.

The manufacturer used a stylish black background, emphasizing the drink’s intense dark color, while the can’s modern design is bound to appeal to young people due to the wide use of infographics — original icons and inscriptions.

The recommended price for the product is 1.25 Belarusian rubles. Canned dark “Lidski Kvass” will be introduced into the assortment on a permanent basis.

“We continuously observe how the taste habits of Belarusians are being transformed, how the kvass consumption culture is changing, and the expectations of consumers are growing. Our company adheres to the standards of uncompromising quality of products – and we see that naturally fermented kvass in aluminum cans is just what the Belarusian market had been waiting for. Buying kvass in an aluminum can, consumers will not only appreciate the convenience of this format, but also the fact that the aluminum can provides long-lasting freshness and preserves the taste of the dark “Lidski Kvass””, says Irina Kapilova, Marketing Director of “LidskoePivo” JSC.