The first «Total Dictation» took place in Minsk

Over 200 people came to the National Library to write a dictation in Belarusian. In addition to the Minsk natives, citizens of other cities, namely Dzierzhinsk, Logoysk, Borisov, Zhodino, Schuchin, Slonim, Brest, Gomel and Grodno, also decided to test their knowledge. For those who were not able to come to Minsk, the dictation was broadcasted via YouTube channel. The results will be sent to the participants via e-mail on June 28, after the works will be checked by professional philologist. Every A student will receive a present.

JSC «Lidskoe Pivo» was the organizer of the «Total Dictation». The project became a kind of present for the 950th anniversary of the Belarusian Capital. Over the last few years over company has been paying great attention to restoration of the history and continuity of historical heritage. Starting from the last year, JSC «Lidskoe Pivo» has been speaking Belarusian and supporting various culture-related products. «Total Dictation» is one of the company’s own corporate projects, which continued movement in this direction.

«Small history of Minsk», a short story by Mikhail Voldin from the book «Our Good Old Babylon», was chosen for the dictation. The text was read by director and producer Ivan Pingin. The text of the original is available at

«I’ve been dreaming of us, the Belarusians, making something common for all of us, something educational, and, of course, in Belarusian. With the „Total Dictation“ my dream is coming true. My dream of us speaking and writing in Belarusian and making it correctly. The participants of the gathering in the National Library made their step towards themselves and our language, and thus they are starting the new history of the Belarusian language. It is extremely important today», says philologist and the coordinator of the «Word Workshop» project Inna Hozeva; her words were met with applause of the participants.

After the dictation the participants could play Belarusian table games, take photos or enjoy sweets.