«Lidskoe Pivo» has brought the recipe of the Fizz cider to the clean label standard

Following the principles of the clean label, «Lidskoe Pivo» has improved the composition of the Fizz cider. The new recipe of the natural fermentation cider does not contain flavorings, and the sugar content is reduced.

As earlier, Fizz is made on the basis of natural apple juice. Due to the changes in the recipe Fizz has acquired more refined shades of taste. The taste composition is now less intensive, which corresponds to the classic fermentation cider, and the natural ripe fruits, which are apple, pear and grapes, can be easily felt in the product.

Changes in the recipe were followed by the expectable changes in the name of the product: the word «taste» is now absent from the Fizz label, as the taste characteristics of all types are achieved by adding clean natural ingredients (other fruit juices and extracts) to the fermented apple juice.