Finalists of LIDSKAE BEER MASTER 2017 contest selected

Based on the results of the contest test that took part on April 11th, 15 bartenders were selected for the final of LIDSKAE BEER MASTER 2017 .

1. Mistyukevich Evgeny Aleksandrovich
2. Shanchuk Kristina Nikolaevna
3. Petchenko Filipp Stanislavovich
4. Perekhod Egor Yurjevich
5. Timofeev Aleksey Viktorovich
6. Kazakov Sergey Leonidovich
7. Vinokurov Aleksey Sergeevich
8. Spichenok Aleksey Igorevich
9. Budkevich Anton Olegovich
10. Kozlov Andrey Olegovich
11. Pekar Oleg Aleksandrovich
12. Pribolovec Nikolay Vasilievich
13. Roshchin Aleksey Aleksandrovich
14. Lyach Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
15. Martoplyas Anton Konstantinovich

The final will take place on April 19th. The contestants will have to create an author cocktail based on the new beer of the «Master’s Collection» craft series — American Black Ale.