“Ya” — premium high-quality 100% juices and nectars, which preserved the whole flavour of fresh fruits.
«Ya» Apple Juice Apple juice, which fully unfolds the flavour of ripe apples.
«Ya» Cherry Juice Cherry juice, in which the aroma of blossoming cherries, the taste of ripe berries, and the tart aftertaste of cherry pits are intertwined.
«Ya» Grapefruit Juice 100% citrus. 100% natural.
«Ya» Multifruit Juice The perfect harmony of the rich flavour of ripe fruits.
«Ya» Orange Juice The taste of a juicy orange cannot be mistaken for any other. For those who understand a lot about delicious juice.
«Ya» Pineapple Juice Try the warm tropical taste of “Ya” Pineapple Juice - it is a mixture of golden sun and bright rich exotics.
«Ya» Tomato Juice Acquire the invigorating sweet and sour taste and refreshing aroma of the most popular vegetable juice
«Ya» Grape Juice The natural elegance of grape juice in every sip
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