BoostUp Calamansi-Lime

BoostUp Calamansi-Lime

BoostUp Calamansi-Lime non-alcoholic carbonated unpasteurized special energy drink

It contains natural ginseng extract to improve mental alertness (memory and concentration).

Ingredients: water, sugar, citric acid acidity regulator, caffeine, taurine, niacin (B3), calcium D-pantothenate (B5), potassium sorbate preservative, pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6), cyanocobalamin (B12), E331 (iii) acidity regulator, food flavorings, preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzonate; ascorbic acid antioxidant, ginseng extract, gum arabic stabilizer, E160a coloring agent, alpha-tocopherol antioxidant.

Vitamin content in 100 mL of drink, average values: niacin (B3) – 2.0 mg (11.1 %)*, calcium D-pantothenate (B5) – 0.69 mg (11.5 %)*, pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6) – 0.23 mg (11.5 %)*, cyanocobalamin (B12) – 0.11 µg (11.0 %)*.
* – percentage of the recommended daily intake (according to TR TS 022/2011).

Nutritional information per 100 ml
Energy content, kcal/kJ 100 ml 42/178,5
Carbohydrates 10,5 г
Caffeine content 20 мг/100 мл
BoostUp Citrus-Baobab BoostUp is a beverage with extra benefits to keep your body refreshed and energetic throughout the day.
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