CHIILZ ROOTBEER ginger/lemon

CHIILZ ROOTBEER ginger/lemon is a natural lemonade, with an unusual taste of ginger and refreshing notes of lemon, prepared on the basis of malt.

CHIILZ is a drinks made from only natural ingredients. They do contain no colorants, preservatives and less sugar than regular sugary sodas.

It is available in three flavors: soda cherry, soda mango and rootbeer ginger/lemon.

Ingredients: prepared water, sugar, brewing malt, concentrated mango juice, granulated hop, concentrated black carrot juice, CO2 hop extract, natural flavors, concentrated juices of apples, carrot,s safflower and lemon, maltol flavor and aroma enhancer, lemon acidity regulator acid. The presence of suspensions or sediment of particles of the raw materials used is allowed.

Available formats: 0.45L – Can, 1L – PET.

Energy content, kcal/kJ 100 ml 35/160
CHIILZ ROOTBEER ginger/lemon