BOHÉMSKÝ LEV is a beer whose taste is the result of the creativity and inspiration of two master brewers from the Czech Republic and Belarus. The taste, which absorbed the rich aroma of Czech hops and a pleasant bitterness of Belarusian barley. Jiří Karlik (owner of the Czech company Czech Brewmasters) and Oleg Malakhov (chief brewer of Lida Pivo) worked on the development of varieties in the BOHÉMSKÝ LEV line. Thanks to this cooperation, we have a product that fully meets the high standards of Czech quality, and for which you want to meet for the sake of live communication and pleasant emotions.

BOHÉMSKÝ LEV SVĚTLÉ Premium light lager with a rich amber hue. Beer brewed with rare Czech hops has a rich, deep taste and pleasant aroma. Beer for those who choose a drink for the color of a warm sunset and appreciate the sophistication in the taste of the drink itself.
BOHÉMSKÝ LEV ČERNÉ Dark beer brewed by two good friends in accordance with Czech brewing traditions.
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