New Flavour of Kalekciya Maistra Hoppy Lager – Welcome to Craftside!

A new refreshing flavour of Hoppy Lager bursts into the Kalekciya Maistra craft beer line manufactured by Lidskoe Pivo.

It is a beer for not only those people who like lager for its freshness and light flavour, but also for those who like to discover new interesting and extraordinary flavours. The new flavour of  Hoppy Lager combines the simplicity of lager, for which this style is so popular and preferred by people, and the distinctiveness of craft beer.

What is so special about it? It is the original combination of aroma hop varieties, i.e. Australian ELLA and American SABRO hops. Their taste and aroma are most clearly revealed in the beverage due to the dry-hopping technique. Hops are added after brewing during beer maturation. This means that the maturating beer is infused with hops for 5 to 7 days. This is the optimal period to give the beverage a bright aroma and a refreshing bitter taste. Due to these features the beer has pronounced citrus (SABRO) and floral (ELLA) aromas combined with a slight malt sweetness and grassy notes. The product has a beautiful golden colour. It is a light and refreshing beverage. At first, it has soft grain notes, then it has a delicate bitter aftertaste.

Food Pairings. Beer goes well with snacks, seafood, fish, pizza, poultry, and cheese.

We are convinced that the new flavour of Hoppy Lager, due to its taste qualities, will be a good compromise between the popular lager and the unique craft beer. It will be appreciated by both beer experts and aficionados,” commented the specialists of Lidskoe Pivo.


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