Lionel Messi presented an autographed T-shirt to the Lidsky Brovar Museum

A football star and idol of young football players signed it especially for his fans from Lida city after filming for Pepsi advertising campaign. Pepsi is one of the drinks produced by Lidskoe Pivo. The autographed T-shirt has already placed at the Museum so every visitor can see it with his own eyes.

And in order for as many football fans as possible to see this relic, Lidskoe Pivo organized a friendly match between Lidskoe Piva team and students of the children’s and youth sports school of the State Institution “Lida Football Club”.

The match took place at the Olympia sport complex on February, 9. Student's team won. For an every goal scored, Lidskoe Piva donated a soccer ball to the sport school "Lida Football Club".

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