"Lidskoe Pivo" is the winner of the "Narodnaya Marka" Premium in the category "Beer Producer"

On December 1 the Awarding Ceremony of the tenth anniversary prize "Narodnaya Marka", which annually defines the leading brands of the country in the food, non-food and service categories, took place.

What is the value of the Narodnaya Marka Award? The fact that there is no professional jury in this award and the winners are chosen by the consumers themselves.

The survey was conducted from July 17 to August 20 in the media and on the official site of the Award. Everyone who wanted to was able to answer the question of what brands he or she preferred and was ready to recommend. The questions of the Prize questionnaire offered no prompting in the form of answer choices, thus revealing the brands with the "spontaneous" popularity.

"Lidskoe Pivo" thanks its customer for his trust!


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