Koronet McKilt — a beer with a strong Scottish character

What is Scotland associated with? For most, it is, of course, bagpipes, the Loch Ness monster, strong scotch tape, a checkered kilt... But true connoisseurs know that Scotland is also a special beer, stronger, which emphasizes the strong and strong-willed character of the Scots.

That is why we have prepared a novelty in the beer line with a British character KORONET — Koronet McKilt.

McKilt is a stronger beer (5.8%) brewed in the tradition Scottish Ale. The drink has a complex, interesting malt taste with vanilla, caramel, fruit notes. Hops in taste and aroma are practically not felt, which is typical for Scottish ales. It has no alcohol content, it is easy and pleasant to drink, the taste is soft, "warm", silky.

McKilt. A beer with a strong Scottish character!


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