JSC "Lidskoe Pivo" celebrates its 145th anniversary. Message from the CEO of the company Audrius Mikšis

JSC "Lidskoe Pivo" celebrates its 145th anniversary. Message from the CEO of the company Audrius Mikšis

145 years ago, on March 29, 1876, the first batch of beer was brewed at the Lidskoe Pivo facility. Looking at the modern scale of production, it is difficult to believe that there were only three people on the staff, but it's a fact. Another fact is that the history of Lidskoe Pivo has never been the easiest one. During these 145 years, several wars and revolutions occurred, even the countries where the production took place changed. But our desire to make a quality product, to offer our consumers something new and unique, to give them the opportunity to enjoy the beverages remained unchanged in all circumstances.

Today, Lidskoe Pivo is a part of the large European holding Olvi PLC and one of the key players in the Belarusian beverage market. World-famous brands trust us: in 2014 we became the third production facility in the world to which the legendary Warsteiner brand entrusted the production of its products. Moreover, in 2015, Lidskoe Pivo was licensed to produce the beverages that are known and loved by the residents of 5 continents — the PepsiCo products.

We continue to open up new horizons and enter previously unknown markets. Today, the Lidskoe Pivo products can be found in 15 countries, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, and others. And pretty soon, we will include new unique markets in this list in order to gather even more grateful consumers around the Lidskoe Pivo beverages.

The success of any company depends on the work of its team. We strive to attract top-ranking specialists, professionals who are not afraid to set ambitious goals and do not shrink from difficulties into our folds. Our employees constantly raise the level of their competencies. For example, the production department personnel is trained by European experts (Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing in Berlin (VLB).

We have successfully implemented the LEAN Production System. It helps us to continuously improve the business processes and offer innovative ideas. All this allows us to produce that very beer, which is known not only in Belarus, but also far beyond its borders.

Happy anniversary, our dear consumers! We will make every effort to continue to keep you happy with your favorite products. #EverythingForOurPeople


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