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Meet NEW taste and packaging of the LIDSKAE HARD LEMONADE!

This summer, “Lidskae beer” will take by 2 surprises all of fans of hard lemonades.

Lidskae beer presents the most popular taste of LIDSKAE Hard Lemonade in the new premium packaging. Beloved by many people this drink in CAN with lemon juice will be replaced by drink in a glass bottle. For the record, the taste will also be changed: outstanding lemon is much more intensive and richer than before - thanks that, the new drink tastes brighter.

The most exotic new taste of this year is LIDSKAE Hard Exotic Lemonade with the taste of pineapple and lychee.  Based on mix of light beer and lemonade that is made from juicy pineapple and lychee, this drink makes you feel freshness. Due to beer base with no expressed malt and hop taste, LIDSKAE HARD LEMONADE has no beer bitterness and aftertaste.

Natural juice adds maximum juiciness and exotic fruit taste to this drink.

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