AURA SPORT CAP – a new format of natural taste

AURA SPORT CAP – a new format of natural taste

The AURA brand, owned by Lidskoe pivo, has begun to produce drinking water in a new format. Now non-carbonated artesian water is also available in PET bottles with a special sports cap. Thanks to this cap, you can enjoy the natural taste of AURA water without distracting from doing sports.

AURA drinking water from deep artesian wells, located in the territory of Lidskoe pivo plant, has a pleasant smooth taste. It contains a special combination of minerals and micro-elements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonates, as well as fluoride ions), thanks to which AURA is a perfect refresher and energizer. Thanks to a balanced composition and a new convenient format, AURA SPORT CAP will especially appeal to those who lead an active lifestyle.

Water will hit the shops on June 16. AURA SPORT CAP is available in 0.5 L PET bottles. Recommended selling price is 0.89 BYN.


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