Different geography – common goal: Olvi Group against COVID-19

Different geography – common goal: Olvi Group against COVID-19

Olvi Group is a Finnish holding company that incorporates a number of companies from Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus. As active representatives of a socially responsible business, Olvi Group members could not ignore the situation existing in their countries during the coronavirus pandemic.

 CĒSU ALUS: own experience in a new direction

Employees of the Latvian company CĒSU ALUS have taken their experience in a different direction. Laboratory experts have developed a new formula for the production of a strong disinfectant based on ethyl alcohol and glycerol. The new product was quickly put into production in order to reduce the temporary shortage of disinfectants and antiseptics in the country and to make these products as affordable for consumers as possible. 5000 bottles produced at the enterprise were sent to local medical institutions free of charge.

Lidskoe pivo: #DomaDzelyaSvaіkh and more

Since the first news about coronavirus infection in Belarus, Lidskoe pivo began actively help medical facilities, consumers and its own employees. To hold down the rate of COVID-19 contagion, most of the team switched to remote work. Only persons directly related to production had an access to the territory of the enterprise. Industrial tours and the manufacturer’s restaurant have been temporarily shut down.

The brand spoke about the importance of social distancing with help of the local initiative #DomaDzelyaSvaіkh. Lidskoe pivo decided to support people who were forced to go back from their usual pace of life via Friday online gatherings with friends and a special Telegram sticker pack.

The recommendations of the Ministry of Health on the use of personal protective equipment did not go unnoticed as well. LIDSKAE, one of the company’s brands, has been distributing protective masks for visitors of the shopping center and on the food market for three days. A total of 5000 masks were distributed. Personal protective equipment was also purchased for the employees of the enterprise. All team members were regularly provided with masks, gloves and antiseptics. Personal protective equipment was purchased for medical professionals as well. Some medical institutions received financial assistance in order to buy the necessary protective equipment on their own. In addition, for several months Lidskoe pivo provided hospitals with AURA water to ensure the drinking regimen of patients throughout the country.

Given the current epidemiological situation, a number of planned brand communications has been revised. For example, LIDBEER festival, which annually gathered tens of thousands of devoted consumers in Lida, has been cancelled this year. And General Dictation, the social initiative to support the Belarusian language, was held online. For each participant, Lidskoe pivo will transfer 5 BYN to the charity account of the Ministry of Health, as well as additional amounts of money for everyone who receives 9 and 10 points based on the dictation results.

A. Le Coq: contribution to the fight throughout our own product

The Estonian company A. Le Coq has contributed to the fight against coronavirus through products manufactured at the enterprise. To protect consumers, all canned products is now exposed to an additional UV disinfection. After this procedure, the upper part of the can is covered with a hygienic foil, which allows the company to declare the sterility of products rolling off the production line. Despite the serious financial costs to establish this process, the final cost of drinks for consumers has not changed.

Also, the company decided to ban visits to the production for all persons not involved in the work of the enterprise. Corporate employees can stay at home if their duties allow them to work remotely. Other professionals started to work in a new mode: all shifts of production and logistics departments have been separated so that the number of contacts is minimized. A.Le Coq beer museum and gift shop have been temporarily shut down.


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