Exotic novelty: a new Pepsi taste is already on sale

Exotic novelty: a new Pepsi taste is already on sale

“Lidskoe pivo” in cooperation with PepsiCo have brought a drink with a new taste to the Belarusian market. Now you can find in the shops not only a traditional Pepsi, Pepsi with cherry, lime taste, but also Pepsi Mango.

The customers themselves have chosen the new taste. During multiple surveys, it became clear that mango taste is the most anticipated at the moment.

Pepsi Mango has a tonic and freshening effect. Exotic fruit flavor favourably emphasizes Pepsi taste and adds a piquant hint to the traditional drink. Pepsi Mango contains no sugar, which is highly appreciated by those who aim at minimum calories.

The novelty will be sold in the shops all over the country throughout 2020. Pepsi Mango is available in 0.5, 1 and 1.5 liter bottles. Besides, “Lidskoe pivo” promises to surprise not only with the taste of the product, but also with its appearance: the bottle design has become brighter and more modern.



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