Cherry Kriek is in Belarussian stores again

Cherry Kriek is in Belarussian stores again

Lidskoe Pivo at the request of consumers restarted the popular Kriek. The cherry beer, widespread in Belgium, will be widely represented in Belarussian stores on a regular basis.

Earlier, Belarusians could already try a limited batch of this beer. High consumer interest was the reason for restarting cherry beer with an improved taste. The beer has become less sweet and light, has a traditional slightly sour taste.

Kriek, cooked with addition of cherry juice, is recommended to use cold. However, on cool days it can be warmed up. And if you add cinnamon and nutmeg, you get a punch.

LIDSKAE Kriek is a red beer with a pinkish foam with an alcoholic content of 4.6%. The new product is presented in a 0.5 l glass bottle. The recommended price is 2.12 Belarusian rubles.


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