Koronet Light IPA: A novelty with 200 years’ history

Koronet Light IPA: A novelty with 200 years’ history

“Lidskoe Pivo” has added Koronet Light IPa to its regular production range.

Koronet Light IPA has pronounced bitterness and bright aroma; at the same time, it has softer taste as compared to other representatives of the variety. Dry hopping production technology helps preserve stable hop aroma and taste. British hop variety Target provides the beer with grassy and tangerine flavors, while American hop Ekuanot complements the blend with the smell of tropical fruits. Pale Ale Malt with nutty tones enhances the authentic taste and golden color of the beer.

Koronet Light IPA is a filtered pale ale with 4.7% ABV. The novelty is poured in British pint (0.568 l) bottles. The recommended serving temperature is 12°C.

The recommended price is 2.37 Belarusian rubles. The novelty is already available in large stores.


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