Finnish OLVI Foundation Allocated 1,000 euros to talented Belarusians

Finnish OLVI Foundation Allocated 1,000 euros to talented Belarusians

The Finnish OLVI Foundation, which is represented by the “Lidskoe pivo” in Belarus, awarded grants of 1,000 euros to talented Belarusians. Young children from the Grodno region who have succeeded in the area of science and art, as well as experienced teachers will obtain them.

This year, three outstanding talented young adults became grant-holders. The foundation chose Artem Zdanovich and Georgy Rybak in the Science nomination, and it will support Anastasia Gurenkova in the area of art. All of them were given one-time grants of 1,000 euros each.

In addition, the support will be given to talented teachers from the Lida region – Svetlana Gogolushko, a manual training teacher and Tatyana Cheremisina, a biology teacher. They impressed the foundation’s representatives with their achievements in methodical work, conducting refresher courses and training academic competitioners. Like gifted young people, they will be given one-time grants.

The grant-holders were selected in two stages. At the first stage, the representatives of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee and the Lida District Executive Committee issued references for the applicants by various criteria, including by age, residence region and social status. At the second stage, the commission of the OLVI foundation identified prospective grant-holders using a special scoring system, and then it held interviews with candidates.

In addition, “Lidskoe pivo” determined the winners of the Talented Children of the company employees internal competition. They were also evaluated in the Sport, Science and Art nominations. The winners will obtain a one-time grant of 500 euros. “Lidskoe pivo” introduced this activity for the first time as part of the employer’s social responsibility.

The Finnish OLVI Foundation has been giving grants to talented Belarusian children since 2011. The non-profit-making organization was founded in 1955 in Finland and aims to provide financial support to talented young people and support the achievements of young people with disabilities. Talented young people are chosen and supported within three areas – sports, science and art.


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